13 Event Design Trends to Watch for in 2024

Events are much like fashion and slang, every year we see new things or a revival of the old. Creating an event, however, has always been similar from picking a theme to renting all the required seating and planning down to the tiniest floral details. Panacea Collective has done it all: weddings, reunions, tradeshows, award galas. Now we’re here to also keep you up-to-date on the event design trends of 2024 so every event you have this year is as perfect as can be.

Event Design and Planning in 2024

Event design is more than just checking boxes. Much like everything else, the look of your event sets the tone for what you want attendees to feel. Certain choices can encourage them to buy a product, invest in your company, or simply enjoy the evening to their fullest extent. Now that we are entering a world a few years free of Covid isolations, people want to get back together and the trends are showing that. In-person events are on the rise in 2024 meaning design is now more important than ever. Especially combined with the technology we love from 2020 (like QR code scanning).

Why Look Out for Event Design and Planning Trends

You might be wondering why you need to keep an eye on the trends. After all, maybe you already have a clear vision or want to be unique. There is nothing wrong with that of course, after all, this is your party! Design and planning trends aren’t all about the looks though. These are seating arrangement hacks and lighting tips that have been tried and proven to increase engagement. People gravitate to certain looks and while every brand is unique, it just might not work out to have an event far removed from what the general public wants. Keeping an eye on the trends helps you give the best experience possible.

13 Event Design Trends You Should Know in 2024

With the above information in mind, here are the design trends in event planning to look out for in 2024!

  1. Sustainability

    Green is in, and we don’t mean the color. Sustainability is at the top of everyone’s minds. The plastic waste involved in events can rack up. That’s why people are switching to badges and tags made from recycled ocean plastic, or swapping to biodegradable options. Considering how features at your event can be re-used in the future or towards a creative art piece so nothing goes to waste is also key.

  2. Miami, Nashville, and Austin

    These are the big three in event hosting this year. None of these cities are “hidden gems”, but all have been steadily growing in the event industry. Miami has a great mix of culture and past events by big brands under their belt, making them the new “it” spot. Nashville is rivaling Vegas for those who can’t make it to the opposite side of the US. Austin (Panacea Collective’s hometown) is another one that mixes their culture with the glam of futuristic events. Nashville and Austin are also considerably cheaper than their LA or Vegas counterparts.

  3. Brighter and Bolder

    Colors this year are here to make a statement. Just take a look at Pantone’s color of the year, Peach Fuzz, or the alternative Apricot Crush. This bright orange is not something we see often, with most companies leaning into the modern monochromatic looks. People, however, want bold, they want fun, we all know the future is here and don’t need to be reminded of it with greys and whites.

  4. VR and AR

    Speaking of the future, interactive tech that creates augmented realities is a great way to bring your event into the 21st century. With Apple just releasing the Vision Pro, there is no better time to incorporate all this tech into your next big event. We are already familiar with this tech at Panacea Collective. Guests can use their phones to participate in virtual scavenger hints, view 3D maps, or access additional info with the use of QR codes. VR can be used to have attendees who couldn’t make it to an in-person event. Having a 360-degree walk-thru complete with presentations and booths leaves those at home feeling just as connected as those physically there.

  5. Phone Free Events

    On the flip side, phones could be a thing of the past in 2024 events. Some companies (and people) want to focus on more real-life interactions that you are sure come from real people and not AI. This is especially true for weddings, parties, and reunions reminding people to check in to the friends and conversations around you and not on your social media. Companies are also seeing the growing divide social media causes, which doubles as a way to increase engagement and want to remind us how similar we all still are.

  6. Budgeting to the Extreme

    This is probably a great trend for anyone wanting to plan an event. If there is one thing AI is good for right now, it’s running models. Using AI to help with creating a budget and testing different tools can make your event as cheap and as engaging as possible. Who doesn’t love saving money?

  7. Warm Lighting

    “Big light” vs “small light” has been a trend on social media for a while. Users are sharing how they would much rather enjoy their home lit up with a few lamps as compared to their harsh overhead light. This trend is extending into the event world now. Soft, warm lighting that doesn’t spotlight any one particular thing is in. White, fluorescent lights are out.

  8. Inclusiveness

    Saying “I didn’t realize” in this day and age is not going to do you any favors. Accessibility and inclusiveness are a must for any company hosting an event. Make sure you have accessible booths and consider views from outside your culture. Showing that your company is for everyone makes it for, well, everyone!

  9. Live Music

    Much like the little black dress, some trends just never go away. Live music is not going away anytime soon. This just adds a personal feel to any event and gives more entertainment than just some soft vocals vaguely playing in the background.

  10. The Importance of Seating

    Seating is more than just a place for your guests to rest. How you arrange this can create the feeling of closeness plenty of people are going for these days. One of the most popular is ‘campfire’ seating which uses soft seating around a centralized feature like a table or fire. You can’t go wrong with soft, lounge-style seating in general. This says “Relax, stay a while!”. Panacea Collective has a wide portfolio of seating ready to make your event as comfy and trendy as possible.

  11. All Natural

    As we said in number one, eco-friendliness is important for 2024 events. What other earthy trend does your 2024 event need? How about just actual earthiness? Wood grains, natural materials, organic shapes, and plants are all moving up the list of design trends. Water features are also a big hit! Combine all this with the warm lighting and you have the coziest event.

  12. Statement Moments

    One way to make your event different is to add something different! Think of board game centerpieces, hire a mixologist instead of your normal bartender. Those interactive experiences VR and AR offer you are perfect to add that little fun thing only seen at your event. Take a look at our “fun stuff” category to create some epic photo booth moments.

  13. We’re All Family

    For those corporate events, consider making them not so corporate. 2024 is seeing more people choosing a better work-life balance over nearly every other perk of working (including hire pay). Having family tag along and including events that are fit for the family unit is a great way to keep your employees happy and engaged with the success of the company.

Trendy Event Design and Planning Solution in Austin, TX

We added in a little about our company so far, but we offer so much more at Panacea Collective. From strategy and development, design, production and logistics, and relationship management, to access to some of the best event rentals. Check out our full range of offerings. We also have a section all about event design and decor to make sure your event is the best one of 2024! Whether you are still in the planning phase or just realized you need seating for 50, check us out and reach out for personalized help.