Ultimate Panacea Chair To Table Guide

What chair is right for me? When selecting furniture rentals or events in Austin, it can be tricky in determining the best chair height per desired table. We’ve created a quick look guide to help determine which chair and table combination make the perfect pair. You can always ask your Panacea designer with help on selections as well. Happy shopping!

High Top Tables:

Gold Tulip Hight Top Table,    White Bar Table,    Rustic High Top Table ,    Black High Top Table     Cafe Bar Table    and    Albany Bar & DJ Table

Pair with Our Tall Barstools:

White Director’s Chair,  Black Director’s Chair ,  Graphite Bar Stool ,  Gold Member Bar Stools,  White Bar Stool,  Industrial Bar Stool (Tall) ,  Colored Bar Stools  (blue, yellow, red, light blue, mint green, green, purple, orange)  and   rustic bar stool  and  copper bar stool

Counter Height Pub Tables:

Empire Pub Table,  White Pub Table

Pair with our counter height bar stools:

Gray Tweed Counter Stool,  Matisse Counter Stool,  Industrial Counter Stool (short)   and  black counter stool

Dining Tables:

Farmhouse Table,   Gray Farmhouse Table,   Rustic Metal Dining Table,   White Motel Table,   English Pub Table,   White Modern Bistro Table,   Vance Bistro Table,  and   Rustic Bistro Table-Low

Pair with our counter height bar stools:

Industrial Metal Chair,   ghost chair,   Tulum Patio Chair,   Wishbone Chair,   White Modern Scoop,   Space Chair