Lounge Furniture Rentals in Austin, TX

There are times when standard venue furniture just won’t do for your special event or wedding. That’s when you need lounge furniture rentals that match the vision you have for your party, wedding, corporate or social event. At Panacea Collective, we have decades of event planning experience and a quality, curated collection of party lounge furniture rentals that will help make your event shine.

Whatever event you are planning, Panacea has the event lounge furniture rentals that will take your event from ho hum to Instagram-worthy. Our curated collection of lounge furniture is full of special pieces chosen to match the decor and aesthetic of a wide range of events, from weddings to festivals to corporate events and more.

If you need a full collection of furniture to fill a blank space, we’ve got you covered with collections of coordinated pieces with everything from side tables to couches. If you’re happy with the furniture selection at your event but need some special pieces to set your event apart, we’ve got a wide variety of a la carte pieces to meet every need. We have an expansive variety of seating, shelving, rugs, pillows, lighting, and more.

Our Lounge Furniture Rentals Collection

Can’t decide what you want? Take a look through our lounge furniture rental collection and let us know what catches your eye. Don’t see what you need? Give us a call! With decades of experience planning events in Texas, we can help source exactly what you’re looking for.


If you need more than one piece with a cohesive look and feel to pull together your event space, check out our curated party lounge furniture rental collections.

Sofas & Settees

Choose from leather, luxe velvet, wicker, and much more to perfectly match your event’s setting.

Event Chairs

We’ve got every option imaginable, from 18th-century luxury to super modern and sleek.

Benches & Ottomans

Go beyond the standard footstool with our collection of sturdy benches, boho pillows, and quirky cushions.

Cocktail Tables

Enhance your event in style with classic, modern, and contemporary cocktail tables to give your guests somewhere to set their drinks.

Side Tables

Add utility and fashion to your event with gorgeous side tables near your seating arrangements.


Bring in an element of warmth and tie your event’s decor together with a rug from our extensive collection.

Bars & Shelving

Add an air of authenticity and professionalism with our wide variety of bars and shelving.

Dining Tables & Bar Tables

Sitting or standing, your guests will love the look of our dining and bar tables.

Console Tables & Desks

Maximize your event space with console tables or create spaces for marketing collateral or documents with our beautiful desks.

Pillows & Throws

Add a cozy finishing touch to your event with our selection of pillows and throws.

Fun Stuff

Find the perfect finishing touch from our collection of accessories.

Why Rent a Lounge Furniture for Events?

When planning the perfect event, most people first thoughts are about food, music, and lighting and decor. But the biggest factor in ensuring your special event has the look and feel you’ve been dreaming about isn’t any of those. It’s the furniture.

Your guests will interact with the chairs, tables, loungers, and bar more than they will any other aspect of your event. So how do you get the perfect furniture for your event without the huge upfront cost of buying new furniture? The answer: renting.

There are many other reasons why you should consider renting furniture for you next event.

Save time and space.

Whether it’s for a corporate event, backyard party, or wedding, it’s impractical to spend time buying all new furniture for your party. If you do buy everything from scratch, you also need to consider where to store it when it’s not in use and what you’ll do with it once the event is over. Renting party lounge furniture ensures you don’t have to worry about your event furniture once you’ve chosen the pieces you need.

Perfectly match the aesthetic.

Finding the right piece of furniture can take weeks, even months. Panacea has spent years curating a collection of rental furniture that has pieces to match any party aesthetic. All you have to do is choose.

No maintenance costs, no storage costs.

If you are planning a corporate party or other large scale event, buying your own furniture comes with more than just the upfront purchase price. You have to pay to store and maintain the furniture and have it ready to use for the next event.

Ensure your guests comfort.

Traditional venue chairs can become uncomfortable for your guests after a while. Providing more, and more comfortable, seating options gives your guests more opportunities to relax and enjoy your event from start to finish.

Rental Lounge Furniture for All Events

No matter what type of event you are hosting, we have furniture that will make your event a truly unique experience.

Lounge Furniture Rental for Weddings

Whether you’re looking for a handful of pieces that can be used for photos or collections of tables and chairs for a dinner reception, we can find the perfect pieces to make your wedding dreams come true.

Lounge Furniture Rental for Corporate Events

From desks and reception tables to comfy couches for breakout rooms, our rental furniture collection is the perfect place to outfit your next corporate event.

Party Lounge Furniture Rental

Are you looking for unique pieces for selfie spots? Boho chic cushions and rugs for an outdoor lounge? Whatever your party lounge idea, we can help make it a reality.

Lounge Furniture Rental for Social Events

Make everyone comfortable at your next social event with flexible seating options that meet everyone’s needs.

How Much Does Lounge Furniture Rental Cost?

Unlike what you may imagine, there are pieces of rental furniture that can be had at most price points to fit most budgets. Depending on the style and how many pieces you’re looking to rent, we can help you create a rental package that fits your budget and your event.

Why Panacea for Lounge Furniture Rentals in Austin, Texas?

Party planning and design are in the DNA of Panacea. We pride ourselves on being able to create unique, emotional spaces that align with the aesthetic and vibe of your event. When it comes to finding a Texas-based rental partner for all elements of your design, including pillows and throws, there’s many reasons to choose Panacea.

  • Our expert team becomes your expert team.

    You can rely on us to help you create an event that’s Instagram-worthy from start to finish.

  • We are amazing communicators.

    In fact, you won’t lose touch with us throughout the event planning process.

  • Our extensive rental collection is at your disposal.

    We love design and have spent many hours curating the perfect collection of party lounge furniture rentals that will take any event to the next level.

  • We are as budget conscious as you are.

    No matter what size your budget is, we can help you find event furniture rentals that keep your event on or under budget.

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Lounge Furniture Rental Near You in Austin, TX

When you’re ready to see how curated rental furniture can make your event truly shine, give us a call. We’re excited to meet you and show you all the ways that our collection can help create the Instagram-able, comfort-filled event that will have your guests talking for weeks and months to come.

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