Rug and Carpet Rentals for Events and Parties

While location is everything, even down to indoor vs outdoor, and furniture sets the tone, the rugs and carpets you lay out for an event add the finishing touch to your vibe. Without the perfect flooring, your set, your stage, your party, your social event, is just…incomplete.

Especially at events where pictures will be taken (and when are pictures not taken?) the background rugs and carpets tell the story. They complete your theme. They show your guests and everyone watching from the outside that you know how to create a full experience.

That’s where we come in.

At The Panacea Collective, we know how to create an experience, right down to the choice of rugs and carpets.

Rug and Carpet Rentals for All Events

From a glamorous wedding to a photo shoot and from a business meeting to a nonprofit event, we offer event carpet rental for all occasions.

At Panacea, you can choose indoor or outdoor carpet rental for:

Wedding Rug and Carpet Rentals

For the bride to walk down the aisle, for the family photo shoot after the vows are exchanged, even for the cake cutting ceremony, wedding rugs and carpets will add that touch of class you long for.

Rug and Carpet Rentals for Party

For every kind of party, from a birthday bash to a ladies’ retreat, the rugs and carpets can sizzle and pop, adding flash and flare for a wild night, or keep the mood mellow and chill, encouraging mingling and engagement among guests.

Rugs and Carpets Rentals for Corporate Events

Even the most structured and straight laced corporate event calls for appropriate floor coverings. Keep your executives professional and focused with deep colors and strong textures.

Rental Rugs and Carpets for Social Events

You pick the theme, and we will have the rug rental for it. From the softest tones for a baby shower to African patterns for a jungle or Saharan vibe.

Our Rental Rug and Carpet Collection

Choose from among our wide selection of rug and carpet rentals, or have one of our consultants work with you to help curate the perfect pieces for your event. We will breathe life into your vision, so your gathering will far exceed your expectations.

Just a few of your options at The Panacea Collective for rug and carpet rentals include:


We’re situated in the heart of Austin, Texas, so of course we have a solid selection of southwestern styles to choose from.

The Mojave, in a black and white triangular pattern, adds muted style.

The Blush Southwestern Area Rug takes us space but remains a soft backdrop in a light pink with white interlocking diamonds.

The Aspen Rug adds blues to those same soft pinks in a classic indigenous American pattern that honors our region’s earliest people.

Moroccan and Mediterranean

We have a wide range of patterns and textures as well as colors that will lend a Moroccan air to your gathering.

The Vintage Kilim Rug comes in multiple patterns all with a deep, rusty red as the base color.

The Kasbah Rug makes you feel as if you might actually be on a magic carpet.

The Hamsa Rug references the palm shaped amulet from the North African territory, evoking calm and peace in the bold red color of love and safety.

Retro and Throwback

Of course everyone loves a period piece at a period party. So if you’re looking for a rug or carpet to match a particular era of time, look no further.

The Tufted Retro Rug might actually encourage your 70s dressed guests to lounge on the floor barefoot in a mini dress and relax with a martini.

The Yellow Geometric Outdoor Rug is perfect for a pop of color at a disco era picnic or barbecue.

The Ivory Souk Rug will grace your floors with elegance and antique style.

And there’s so much more. Like our Red Carpet rental, for your next film or music festival! Be sure to head to our rug collection page for the full collection and browse for inspiration for your next party.

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Why Panacea for Rental Rugs and Carpets for Events in Texas

Because we are not just party rentals.

We are not just party planners.

We are not just marketers.

We do it all.

We create the full experience for you and your guests that will have everyone talking for months, if not years, to come.

With a full staff of experienced planners and socialites with a passion for fashion and a flare for the latest trends as well as what is evergreen, we serve the Austin community with grace and style.

Event Rug and Carpet Rentals Near You in Austin, TX

What are you waiting for?

If you’re planning an event, let us help.

Contact The Panacea Collective today to book a consultation for your next gathering, whatever the occasion.

We will help make sure all of your bases are covered, from the furniture to the rugs and carpets, to the throw pillows. Whether you’re looking for a Turkish rug or a red carpet rental, we’ve got it!

No event is complete until it is fully planned, prepared for, and then added to with those final touches.

That’s our speciality.

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