Console Tables and Desk Rentals for Events

Console tables and desks are so useful in everyday life you may not think about adding them to your event furnishings. Honestly, that would be a mistake – console tables and desks for rent are a fantastic way to add space for displaying items to your event and create a cohesive “set” for your attendees’ experience. We have everything from unobtrusive, basic console tables to ornate, breathtaking desks for rent. When you need a desk for rent in Austin, Texas, Panacea Collective is your business. Our experience and our passion for creating unforgettable experiences, as well as our extensive rental collection, will make it easy to stage your event exactly as you envisioned it.

Rental Console Tables and Desks for All Events

Do you need a space to display merchandise, showcase important photos, or keep your beautiful marketing collateral? We suggest you skip right over the plain old table and rent one of our stunning desks or console tables. They elevate the scene and make it feel like home, whether on-stage for a TED-Talk style live stream or in the bride’s dressing room at a beautiful wedding venue. Do you need ideas for where to stage your console table for rent? We have so many ideas! Be sure to contact us with plenty of time before your event, so we can reserve your spot and start brainstorming.


Where CAN’T you use a console table or a desk at a wedding? Ok, maybe in the middle of the aisle. Here are just a few places a desk rental or console table rental will enhance the atmosphere at a wedding:

  • Honor departed family members with a special photo table
  • Set aside a space for the guestbook
  • Allow guests to pre-address their thank you cards
  • Prepare a station for wedding gifts
  • Hire a tarot card reader to give your guests a peek beyond the mystical curtain
  • Set up a desk or console table where guests can write the bride & groom letters or another fun activity


Desks and console tables are so useful no matter what event you are tasked with planning. When planning a party, a console table or desk can be a versatile and functional addition to your decor. These pieces of furniture are perfect for creating a focal point in your space and can be used as a serving area for food and drinks. You can also use a console table or desk to display decorations or hold party favors. If you’re short on space, consider using a console table or desk as a makeshift bar area or even a place to hold a makeshift photo booth. The possibilities are endless, so get creative and make your party one to remember!

Corporate Events

If you’re planning a corporate event, a console table or desk can be a great addition to your decor. These pieces of furniture can be used to display promotional materials, such as brochures or product samples, or to provide a workspace for attendees. A console table can also be used as a registration desk, where guests can check-in and receive name tags or other event materials. Additionally, a console table can be used to create a focal point in a room, with decorative items such as flowers or sculptures displayed on top. With so many potential uses, a console table or desk is a versatile and practical option for any corporate event.

Social Event

When hosting a social event, a console table or desk can be a versatile and functional addition to your space. Use it as a beverage station by placing a few bottles of wine, glasses, and a bucket of ice on top. It can also be used as a food display area by setting up platters of appetizers or desserts. If you need extra seating, place a few stools or ottomans underneath. Alternatively, you can use it as a decorative element by adding a vase of fresh flowers or a few candles. The possibilities are endless, and a console table or desk can be a valuable asset to any social gathering.

Our Console Tables and Desks Collection

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Why Panacea for Console Tables and Desks Rentals in Texas?

We have years of experience in the Austin, TX area organizing events big and small. We know how challenging it is to get the mood just right when you’re working on a time crunch and a budget. We’re in love with the pieces we’ve selected for our rental collection, so we know how to really make them pop at whatever event is next on your to-do list. We’ve been there and we’re thrilled to partner with you to put on meaningful events for families and businesses all over the Austin metro.

Console Tables and Desks for Rent Near You in Austin, TX

Do you have a blank space in your event space that could be filled with a beautiful console table for rent? Do you need a Sunken Treasure console table to bring the room together? Contact us today to ensure your items are available when you need them!