Must Have Event Styling Furniture and Decor

Do you know what look you’re going for with your next big event? Having a cohesive, unique look and feel to your event will have your guests talking long after the event is over. The best way to ensure your event has that cohesive look and feel is with event styling. Check out this event style guide to learn more about event styling, why it’s important, and how you can incorporate its principles into your next event.

What is Event Styling and Design?

Event styling or event designing is the process of creating an overall aesthetic and atmosphere for a specific event. Event styling includes things like decor, lighting, color schemes, and layout. It is used to create a cohesive and memorable experience for guests and to reflect the theme or purpose of the event. It’s essentially applying interior design principles to your event.

To have an event that truly stands out, it’s not enough to rely on venue-provided furniture or standard linens. You want to create an experience that your guests will remember and, to do that, you need to ensure that everything supports the overall aesthetic you’re aiming to convey.

Why is Event Styling Important?

There are many reasons why event styling is vital to hosting a successful event. Whether you are looking to impress potential clients, reward employees, or just create a night to remember, event styling is the most important tool you need.

Event styling creates a memorable event.

If you want to keep your guests or potential clients talking about you long after your event ends, it’s important to give them something good to talk about. Corporate event styling can help ensure that the goals of your event are supported by everything from the floor plans to the lighting to the furniture rentals.

Event styling creates a cohesive event.

It’s amazing how even the most minor thing can draw your guests out of the atmosphere you’ve worked hard to create for your event. Whether you’re hosting an awards dinner, an employee appreciation outing, or a class reunion, having a cohesive event keeps your guests immersed in the experience from the minute they walk in until it’s time to go home.

Event styling creates an Instagram-worthy event.

The amazing event setups you see on Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok don’t just happen organically. They are the result of loads of work, planning, and coordination. Event styling ensures that your event looks good from every angle.

5 Event Styling & Decor Must Haves

When you start brainstorming event styling ideas, it’s essential to have an overall theme. Once you’ve determined that theme, you can start to figure out how each element will support that theme in the event’s execution. Five areas are essential to cover in your event styling brainstorming: flowers, lights, backdrop decorations, tables & chairs, and seating arrangements.


Flowers give life to any event and there are many ways to include them in your event styling and decor. From succulents to dried flowers to elaborate arrangements of fresh blooms, there’s something out there to support your event theme, especially if you’re ready to think outside of the box.


One element that doesn’t get enough attention when planning an event is the event’s lighting. The lighting scheme you choose can do much to make or break your event. These days, it’s not enough to put lights on a dimmer and call it a day. Adding in additional lighting features such as table or floor lamps can help create a more intimate atmosphere for your event.

Backdrop Decoration

From the colors you choose to the additional textural elements like rugs or cushions, it’s essential to incorporate event styling from the beginning of your planning process. This helps you create an event backdrop that supports your event goals, whether you’re looking to put your guests at ease, make them feel important, or just welcome them to your space.

Seating Arrangements

When we talk about seating arrangements in event styling, we’re not just talking about seating charts. We’re discussing creating spaces within your event that allow for different interactions.

Do you want there to be separate spaces for conversations and eating? If so, you need to think about adding some sofas and comfortable chairs in a space away from the main dining area. Creating a space that resembles a living room makes people more likely to settle in and have conversations than just shouting across a banquet table.

Do you want to encourage people to sit and talk or get up and move? When you want to encourage dancing or just mingling, keeping seating to a minimum while ensuring there are plenty of places for people to rest plates and cups keeps people on their feet and circulating. Good event styling can make this kind of setup seem natural and have your guests not missing the chairs at all.

Tables & Chairs

Once you’ve determined what kinds of seating arrangements are needed, it’s time to choose the right tables and chairs. The right tables and chairs can help elevate any space, whether it’s your backyard or a hotel conference room. Event-style furniture hire is a great way to get the right tables and chairs without breaking your budget.

When planning what kinds of tables and chairs you need, take into account what kind of event you’re hosting. Will your attendees need extra space to spread out and work? Are some of your attendees older with limited mobility and need extra space to maneuver? Is your event more formal or more laid back? All of these factors can and will impact the kinds of tables and chairs that will work.

7 Important Tips For Styling Your Event

At The Panacea Collective, we’ve been planning, styling, and executing events in Austin for years. We know what it takes to create a memorable and unique event and have a few tips for you to ensure your next event is a success.

Choose a theme and set a budget.

This is the most important tip that we share with all of our clients. You cannot plan a great event if you don’t have an overall theme and budget. Without a set theme, your event can end up a muddled mess that your guests will forget the instant they leave. Additionally, without a budget, you can and will end up spending too much money to end up disappointed with the end result.

Be flexible with your seating options.

As we said above, the right furniture is the key to a successful event. We know from experience that guests don’t have the best conversations seated around a dinner table. Those conversations take place in smaller, more intimate settings. Don’t be afraid to add in a lounge or quiet bar space to give your guests an alternative to the banquet table.

Think outside the box when it comes to the details.

Not every event needs an elaborate centerpiece made up of expensive fresh flowers. You’re not required to cover your dinner tables in large linen tablecloths. Throw rugs can absolutely work in

a ballroom. Don’t be confined by conventional event planning ideas when it comes to the final touches for your event.

Put yourself in the shoes of your guests.

Take the time to walk through your event from start to finish from the perspective of your guests. How are they finding out about the event, and why are they attending? What are they looking for when they enter the venue, and where will they find it? What feeling are they walking away with at the end of the evening? This kind of planning helps you know that you’re meeting the needs of your guests each step of the way.

Choose an event focal point.

A unique, custom backdrop, branding point, or fabricated space can be the wow factor that takes your event from good to great. It can also keep your branding consistent across events and unified around a unique, memorable theme.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Mixing colors and textures will add a dynamic aspect to your event that your guests will love. Unexpected combinations of fabrics, colors, metallics, and more will inspire your guests’ creativity and create a memorable atmosphere.

Take a look at your event from 10,000 feet.

Finally, we recommend taking a step back and taking a look at your event from 10,000 feet. What are you trying to accomplish? Do your event styling choices support that goal, or do they detract from it?

Rental Furniture for Event Styling & Decor

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