Guide for Choosing the Best Table and Chair Rentals for Events

Table and Chair Rentals for Parties and Events

We’ve planned a lot of events in our years in the entertainment industry. Tables and chairs may not make or break the mood at your event – but don’t count them out as an economical way to spruce up the decor. Even going from your bog standard metal folding chair to one of our brightly colored folding chairs available for rental can show how much thought you’ve put into providing a great experience for your guests. We invite you to peruse the variety of chairs and tables we rent and brainstorm for your ideal event.


When to Consider Renting a Table And Chair for Events?

If you’re planning an event in Austin and you don’t know if you can seat everyone with the furnishings you own, it’s a great idea to consider table and chair rentals. You can rent gorgeous pieces of furniture to make your event experience feel exclusive and pampering for much less than it would cost to purchase them. And you don’t have to worry about storage after the event! Whether planning a wedding, a baby shower, or a birthday party, table and chair rentals are a smart choice to mark that worry off your to-do list.


Why Rent Tables and Chairs for Parties and Other Events?

Everyone wants to feel comfortable and accommodated, no matter where they are. To be the best host possible, you should consider every aspect of your event experience, from the aesthetics to the snacks. And one of the best ways to spruce up any location, from your front yard to a hotel conference room, is to upgrade the chairs and tables.

  • Set the mood

    If you want to quickly and easily create a unified, beautiful setting for your guests to enjoy, choose tables, chairs, and linens in matching or complimentary colors. This step creates such strong visuals that you won’t need to worry about decorations as much.

  • Elevate your event

    Maybe your venue already has chairs, but you want a sleeker look for your corporate event or awards ceremony. Maybe you have a specific vision for your wedding ceremony, and your venue doesn’t have the tables or chairs to match. You can rent the perfect furnishings to match your dream and make any space shine.

  • Save Money

    As noted above, renting tables and chairs for your event in Austin, Texas, saves you money in several ways. You don’t have to purchase the furnishings, transport them, or store them later. All the comfort and none of the hassle!

  • Save time

    One more note – renting tables and chairs for your event means you won’t be scrambling around your venue looking for extras. You’ll have just what you need to provide beautiful and comfortable accommodations for every guest.

Factors to Consider While Renting the Tables And Chairs

  • Event Type

    Are you hosting a wedding or family event where many older family members will need somewhere comfortable to sit? Or will your attendees to a work event need a surface for their computers and other materials? Think about what your event is and the needs of your guests. For example, a cocktail party might only need end tables or bar tables, but an anniversary dinner will need enough space for everyone to eat.

  • Available Space

    Where will your event take place? Is it going to be indoors or outdoors? Consider how you can use chairs and tables to influence the traffic flow.

  • Chair & Table Style

    Are you planning to host a presentation where people will be focused and engaged, or is this a more-laid back event where guests can sit back and relax? Ensure your tables and chairs reflect your event’s needs and mood.

  • Guest and Chair & Table Count

    Stay on top of your RSVPs and communicate regularly with the company you rent from so you have all the tables and chairs you need on-site the day of your event.

  • Cost of Renting Tables & Chairs

    While it’s much cheaper than purchasing and storing new furniture, there is still a cost for renting high-quality tables and chairs. Shop around and find the best balance of cost and options for your budget.

  • Ages and abilities of your guests

    If you’re hosting a birthday party for a six-year-old, you’ll need to have chairs and tables to accommodate your younger guests. If your wedding guests include older family members, remember to have enough space between the tables for walkers, wheelchairs, or other mobility aids. Your guests will be grateful you considered their needs!

  • Return Policy

    Read the rental agreement’s return policy carefully before signing. While some chair rental services will even pick up the chairs once your event is complete, others may insist you return them to their warehouse. You’ll have to pay more to get the chairs back since you must arrange transportation. While at it, find out who is responsible for fixing broken items. It’s not impossible for furniture to break during an event – accidents happen! You should use a company that has insurance to prevent any unforeseen costs. This guarantees the insurance company will pay the rental company if any damage occurs.

How to Decide the Count of Rental Tables and Chairs for Events?

  • Crowd Size

    No matter the event, it’s better to have more chairs than you need rather than risk someone being without a seat. Plan to rent tables and chairs to host the maximum amount allowed in the venue or perhaps everyone who RSVPs, plus 5 to 10 more seats.

  • Seating Style

    Whether you rent individual chairs, benches, or couches will influence how many you need. Check with your table & chair rental company to see how many their benches or loveseats should seat, and remember that some folks may want to sit together, so rent a few extras.

  • Tent Size/Event Space

    Remember that you may not want to rent too many extra tables or chairs if your event is being held in a smaller space, for example, a temporary tent at a wedding venue. It may be better to have fewer extras and not have people bumping into other people’s chairs as they pass through.

7 Important Tips For Renting Party Tables and Chairs

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute. Pick your rental company with plenty of time before the event to ensure your reservation is secure and the company has enough time to get everything you need together.
  2. Plan for extra people. No matter how many people RSVP, there are always a few stragglers who forgot to confirm but want to attend.
  3. Pick the right tables and chairs for the theme of your event. An intimate party will feel strange with a huge banquet table, and likewise, a laid-back and relaxing reception will be uncomfortable with cocktail tables and no chairs.
  4. Remember, the look of the seating will influence the aesthetics. If you want wedding ceremony pictures to look elegant, wooden or resin chairs may look classier than metal.
  5. Get to know the contract you sign. Ensure you know whether your company will handle pick-up, how any damage will be handled, and how much time is allowed before everything is returned.
  6. Don’t forget labor costs. If you’re not setting up the tables and chairs, someone from the rental company will have to do it, which will cost money. If you’re planning a wedding, consider asking the bridal party to help with setup and tear-down to save on the rentals.
  7. Balance cost and quality when choosing a company and the furniture. The cheapest company and chairs might not be the most comfortable. Likewise, the chicest furniture might be too pricey for your business meeting. Comparison shopping in your area will help you find the best bang for your buck.

How Much for Table and Chair Rentals?

You should expect to pay the following rates when hiring foldable tables and chairs from a typical vendor:

  • Simple metal folding chairs may be rented for as cheap as $1 each, whereas resin wedding chairs can be rented for $2.25 to $2.50 each. The going rate for a high-quality Chiavari chair is between $6 and $8 per seat.
  • Table prices range from $6 to $7 for a 48-inch round to $8 to $9 for a 60-inch round. The standard event table height is 60 inches. The National Association of Catering Executives estimates that the 72-inch tables should cost between $10 and $12.

What needs to be incorporated:

  • The delivery and pickup of the tables and chairs are often an extra charge by the rental business.
  • The equipment is expected to arrive clean since many businesses use a washing machine between usage.
  • Depending on how far they have to go, some rental businesses may tack on a fuel premium to the delivery fee.

Extra expenditures:

  • Some rental businesses may tack on a 30 cents per chair setup fee.
  • Satin or polyester chair cover rentals run between $2 and $3 per cover, with sashes costing an additional $1 on average (though some vendors may include them free of charge).
  • Napkins cost 25 cents, small rectangle tablecloths cost $5, and large banquet tablecloths cost $20 to hire.
  • You may be responsible for the expense of replacing or repairing broken, damaged, or lost equipment.

Replacement fees:

  • You should pay close attention to the replacement expenses for which you will be liable for damage or loss, so be sure to read the contract thoroughly.

How Far in Advance Should You Book Tables and Chairs for Your Event?

Depending on your event, you should plan to reserve your tables and chairs three to six months in advance. Most companies will allow you to adjust based on your needs, but this time will let them prepare and preserve your spot.

Table and Chair Rentals Near You for Parties and Events

If you’re looking for the most incredible tables and chairs to make your event shine, rent from Panacea Co. We have an exquisitely curated warehouse with a wealth of choices, from economical folding chairs to designer centerpiece seating for the star of your event. Contact us today if you’re ready to bring your event vision to life! You can email or call (512) 838-6500. We’re located in Austin, Texas.