Dining & Bar Table Rentals for Events and Parties

No event is complete without food. Whether you are offering guests a passed hors d’oeuvres, a plated meal, or a buffet, you’ll also need to provide tables.

The Panacea Collective offers dining and bar table rentals for all venues and events. Our bar tables are ideal for giving guests a place to rest their plates and glasses while mingling at a cocktail hour. Our dining tables provide ample space for guests to sit and enjoy a full meal together.

With our wide variety of styles and sizes, you’re sure to find the right tables for your event at the Panacea Collective. Learn more about our available options and how to reserve your rental.

Rental Dining Table and Bar Table for All Events

No matter what you’re celebrating, the Panacea Collective is here to help you put on an incredible event. Our bar and dining table rentals can be used to enhance almost any occasion for business or pleasure.


Rent bar tables for the cocktail hour and event dining tables for the reception so your guests can enjoy the day in comfort. Choose from several different aesthetics to complement your venue and décor, and select a custom configuration to maximize your space.


From intimate get-togethers to large celebrations, the Panacea Collective can provide the perfect tables for eating and socializing. Select sleek high-top bar tables for an elegant affair or a spacious dining table rental that friends and family can gather around to set the mood you’re after.

Corporate Events

There are many reasons that your business might host a corporate event: to support a fundraising initiative, celebrate a milestone, launch a new product or service, or strengthen company culture. No matter why you’re gathering, the Panacea Collective can help you host an event that leaves an impact with comfortable, stylish dining and bar table rentals.

Social Events

The Panacea Collective can help you host the social event of the season. From holiday parties to anniversary dinners or bat and bar mitzvahs, when you rent bar tables or dining tables from us, your guests get to enjoy good food and good company in comfort and style.

Our Dining Tables and Bar Tables Collection

Browse high-top event bar table rental

Perfect for cocktail hours or other events where you expect guests to mix and mingle while they enjoy light refreshments. High-top tables allow guests freedom of movement and a place to rest their glasses and plates without having to sit in one spot.

Browse rustic, farmhouse bar table and dining table for rent

Trends come and go, but rustic furniture and décor are perennial favorites. Our collection of rustic and farmhouse-inspired bar and dining tables for rent provide the right combination of coziness and elegance to any event. From dining tables for seated meals to bar and bistro tables for light refreshments, we offer options for any indoor or outdoor event.

Browse bistro tables

Bistro tables are casual like bar tables but allow guests to sit and enjoy their refreshments at their leisure. Our bistro tables are perfect to complement classy outdoor events.

Browse modern white bar table rental

Sleek and classic. Our white and modern bar and dining table rentals blend in at almost any event. Choose from a wide range of bar tables, pub tables, motel tables, and bistro tables.

Customer Reviews

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Why Panacea for Dining and Bar Table Rentals in Texas?

The Panacea Collective does events differently.

We’re more than just an event planning and furniture rental boutique. We’re a 360-degree event production firm with an extensive in-house collection of rental furnishings. We bring a level of creativity and commitment to every event we’re involved in that is unmatched by our competitors.

We don’t just decorate a room. We design an atmosphere. Whatever feelings you hope to inspire in your guests, we’ll work with you to identify the perfect items in our collection and customize a setup that fits your needs.

We believe that every event should be an experience, and every guest should leave with a lifetime of memories. When you involve us in your event, even just to rent the furnishings, we become passionate members of your team. Parties are what we live for. Let us help you bring yours to life.

Whether you’re an event manager or the host of a private event, we want to hear from you! We would love to learn more about your event and help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Dining & Bar Table for Rent Near You in Austin, TX

If you need to rent a dining table or find an event bar table rental near you in Austin, TX, contact the Panacea Collective. Our service, creativity, and catalog are unmatched.

Ready to get started planning? We’re excited to hear from you! Contact us today to ensure your items are available when you need them! Call us at (512) 838-6500.