Winter is Coming: Halloween Rentals

A Halloween party theme that is truly icy. Find your brotherhood and fly your banner high as we peek inside our Game of Thrones themed wonderland.

Themed Decor

Send your raven with your invitation, it’s time to celebrate. Event details from urns, ice sculptures, trays, banners, dragon eggs, or antlers can be those little touches to make your guests ready to “bend the knee.” Fill you tablescapes full of drip candles, vintage wine chalices, and a name card sealed with a sigil.

Khaleesi Tray

Brass Urn

Speakeasy Package

Gold Antlers



Take A Seat

To be honest the Iron Throne never appeared very comfortable. Have your guests enchanted into a world from another land. Warm up with our King of North Lounge featuring more fur than Ygritte and her wildling clan doned through the snowy mountains.

The Drake Sofa, Cyndi Chair, Polina Cocktail Table, Pyramid Marble Side Table, Fur Stool, Sheepskin Rug, Gray Fur Pillow

Melisandre the Red Witch wasn’t always on point with her prophecies, but the b*tch had style. We’ve curated a lounge perfect for another Stannis seduction.

Azalea Daybed, Hera Chair, Dynasty Table, Blondie Side Tables, York Side Table, Tuleta Rug, Bloodline Rug

*Spoiler Alert* Bran as King of the Seven Kingdoms wasn’t the direction we all believed would be the end. But, whatever the outcome, we can all agree that we would enjoy lounging like Bo$$. This Dynasty Lounge pulls from our most royal collection.

Chaumont Chair, The Cleopatra, Gold Bunching Table, Harper Side Table, Black Cowhide



Drinks & Dining

“That’s what I do. I drink and I know things..” Whether it’s sipping down Firewater cocktails or enjoying a Red Wedding cupcake. Catering is the perfect way to incorporate your theme into every bite. Let’s hope with enough wine, we will all be as clever and cunning as Lord Tyrion.

The Dragon Queen Cocktail

*Featured on*

Inspired by Daenerys Targaryen, who has purple eyes in the books.

  • 1 oz lavender simple syrup
  • 1 oz gin or vodka (bartender’s choice)
  • sparkling lemonade

Fill a highball glass with ice. Add spirit and lavender simple syrup. Slowly pour lemonade over the back of a spoon inside the glass (but not touching liquid) to layer the drink. Pouring without the spoon will create a more ombré look, while mixing it up might turn the drink more blue than purple.



Dress The Part

Ok, so maybe your guests aren’t up for full cosplay, but everyone loves a touch of fun. A fur jacket, house sigil pin, or crown will take you from townsman to hand of the king. Book an on-site braid bar that could help determine if you live east or south of Westeros.



It’s not too late to plan for your Halloween event. Reach out to us today before the white walkers arrive to recruit you to the Army of the Dead. Contact Panacea Collective for event services including event strategy, event production, event management, event design, event furniture rental, custom fabrication projects, and more.

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