The Most Exclusive Event…

Is in your own backyard…and we’ve got the furniture rentals to make it VIP!

While the world is opening up around us, we want to help you curate the most exclusive event. What makes it the most exclusive? Well, you’re in charge of the guest list. You select your A-listers and lend us your backyard or your family ranch and we supply the furniture and party rentals to make it the most talked about event in 2021.

Okay, so it may not be the most talked about event in 2021, but it can definitely be an evening to remember. Just because bars are opening and vaccines are flowing, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth appreciating the ones who got you through the Pandemic in the first place (Yup! We are referencing the women you spent wine nights with on Zoom). A backyard party can be your jumping off point as you reenter this mask free world. You don’t need a crazy venue to host an amazing party, all you need is your backyard and we provide tables, chairs, and sofa rentals to elevate your space.

We mean it when we say we can handle the rest because we don’t just provide furniture rentals for events, weddings, conferences, and festivals. With many trusted connections in the Austin events community, we can help with catering, entertainment, sound, lighting, and all those special touches. Whether it’s a food truck pizza oven or boozy popsicles from Backspace, we can make it happen. Read on for more ideas and our favorite furniture rentals for your next backyard event!


Post-Pandemic Pajama Party

It’s time to break out the Barefoot Dreams pajama set and get your girlfriends over for an upscale pajama party. When everything feels too serious, why not relive the glory days of gossiping with the girls and drinking wine like hangovers don’t exist.

Epitomizing comfort, this setup embraces event furniture rentals with soft fabrics and a snuggly seating. The low farmtable and low seating allows intimate conversations. The evening can be illuminated by mason jar candles and the bar cart keeps your wine of choice within reach

What’s in Our Glass?

This girls night calls for a delicious and girly drink. Our choice would be the Piscina Rosa, literally the pink pool made with Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Check out the recipe here in our Instagram reels!


Boujie Barbeque

The backyard barbeque serves as a summer kickoff staple. The problem with the average barbeque is having to eat while standing and pulling out dusty stadium chairs from the garage to accommodate your guests. We can provide comfortable lounges and practical tables to allow you to eat, drink, and celebrate summer.

A chic combination of comfortable and practical. With outdoor lounge chairs, functional side tables, bar stools, and high tables there is enough seating for the whole neighborhood to join in. As Austin’s leading furniture rental company, we have the perfect inventory for outdoor seating.

What’s in Our Glass?

For a hot summer barbeque, we suggest a refreshing and light drink. Our go-to would be a Paloma with Lalo tequila a splash of Topo Chico. Check out the recipe here in our Instagram reels!


Faux Festival

Since ACL tickets sold out faster than you could read through the lineup, why not host your own festival? Whether it’s your backyard or Hill Country Ranch, we’ve got the furniture to make it chic and Insta-worthy. So hook up those speakers and let’s get groovin’!

We’ve designed your own VIP lounge that’s equipped with modern furniture that has Texas flair. Our Rustic Bar is the perfect addition to keep the drinks flowing without the crazy long festival lines. The charming seating including our Bond Sofa and fabulous accessories transform a rugged space into an enjoyable music venue.

What’s in Our Glass?

For a faux festival you want a boozy drink with a kick to keep you dancing all night long. We recommend the classic Espresso Martini. Check out the recipe here in our Instagram reels!


Touchdown Tailgate

We’ve updated the traditional tailgate to demonstrate how you can make your tailgate a touchdown for guests. Hosting a tailgate can feel like a big commitment by having to please a crowd, which is why we have blended purposeful yet stylish amenities for you.

With comfy couches, ample seating, and tables for drinks, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the game. One of the key elements of this setup is having seating, like our Malmo Chairs, for those diehard fans while having bar tables for those who would prefer to hang back and socialize.

What’s in Our Glass?

For a morning tailgate, the best way to kickstart the festivities is with a Bloody Mary from Bloody Revolution. Check out the recipe here in our Instagram reels!


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