Set Design & Rentals

Our team has decades of experience designing and furnishing stages with high quality decor and furniture rentals. We are sure to make each stage shine, no matter whether the event is virtual, hybrid, or live. We maintain an extensive in-house collection of furniture, decor, and set accessories. We also produce custom set pieces in-house, as well as offer custom fabrications for branding opportunities. So next time you are calling, “lights, camera, action!”, be sure to call the Panacea Collective to curate an unforgettable set on which to shoot!


Check out the classy and tasteful seating options pictured in the above image, which include:


Spice up your set with the snazzy seating and set dressing options pictured in the above image, which include:


Elevate your interview setup with some of the stunning set pieces pictured in the above image, including:


Our Shell Chairs make a comfy, classy addition to any set!

Shell Chair


We’re proud to offer a variety of decor, seating, and other furniture rentals that spans a variety of aesthetic styles, including:


Curate any look or feel easily with the high-quality furniture rentals pictured in the above image, which include:


Make your party pop or create a standout Zoom setup with our unique furniture rentals and accessories, including the items pictured in the above image:


The chic furniture rentals pictured in the above image are the perfect option for stage seating, conference presentations, and more, and they include:


Design an unforgettable space on which to bring your next event to life. Contact the Panacea Collective today for a free consultation with one of our experienced set designers, and book your favorite furniture rentals today from The Panacea Collective!


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