Panacea Playlists

Are your summer playlists getting stale? Need a little inspiration for your next social gathering? Panacea’s got you covered! Peruse some of our favorite Go-To playlists we love to play at our events. More than just background tunes, the right music makes the vibe!

From Sales & Marketing Manager Haley Elander’s “It Me” to co-founder Lisa Hickey’s “Fresh Disco, Baby” to “Let’s do 2022” by our resident music expert Matt Hickey from High Road Touring, we’ve got everything from Disco Country to Cheeky French Beats. Listen below, and be sure to invite us to the next dance party!







About The Author

Haley Elander

Haley earned her Bachelor of Science (B.S.) majoring in Radio, Television, Film from The University of Texas at Austin. She focused on editing and screenplay while interning at Broken Lizard Industries and The Ellen Degeneres Show.

After college she gained experience as a Project Manager, Marketing Director, and Day to Day Manager in the music industry, working with international touring bands at Triple 8 Management. Before joining Panacea she excelled in event production at Roadhouse Live, Luck Reunion, and Texas Monthly. When she isn’t making events come to life, she is a Trip Leader hosting international group travel at Legit Trips, or catching her favorite bands at Stubb’s.