Lollapalooza – Beautifying One of Our Nation’s Largest Festivals

Given the opportunity to design and decorate a majority of the VIP areas, cocktail lounges, and artist compounds at one of the largest festivals in the nation… can seem like an impossible feat for one team.

With the Panacea Collective mantra to say “yes” to any ask, we’ve been able to partner with C3 Presents’s Lollapalooza for 4 years in a row now, only pushing our limits of how many spaces we take on and the quantity and quality of furniture we drive out. From concept and design to installation and execution, our event stylists partner hand in hand with each of our clients to make their spaces come to life.

Our Recipe?

3 months of planning

3 1/2 semis driven from Austin -> Chicago

7 core team members

10 crew members

95 labor hours on site /person

= A beautiful and enjoyable festival atmosphere


The Highlights

Cocktail Lounges


C3 came to us knowing we’d be able to customize the cocktail lounge experience to their festival theme – bright and inviting – so we set forth curating a blue and a pink lounge.

What We Delivered

  • Hand-painted furniture
  • 100′ of custom bars built to fit the spaces
  • Custom creative to tie in branding and theme colors
  • Living floral wall for photo opps
  • Succulents potted by our team in hand-painted holders
  • Pillows, blankets, candle holders, & detail accent decor in color-way
  • Painted ottoman benches

Tito’s handmade Vodka VIP Lounge


Create a cozy yet premium lounge in the rustic Tito’s brand colors with “wow” elements to make the space memorable.

What We Designed & Delivered

  • Made to order pergolas for bars and entry WOW moments
  • Sourced local plants to brighten up space
  • Flower/Flora wall for perfect photo opportunities
  • Custom made product bottle chandeliers
  • Copper painted disco balls
  • Branded ping pong tables & balls
  • Outdoor furniture

Press Lounge


Design the media lounges for key partners to cater to their brand look and feel yet visually stand out.

What We Designed & Delivered

  • Rolling Stone
  • Red Bull
  • WXRT
  • 1019 The Mix Chicago
  • Fuse TV




Artist Compounds


To design the headliner artists’ trailers and compound areas to meet the specific needs and riders of each performer.

What We Designed & Delivered

Unlike other rental companies, we acted as part of Lollapalooza’s event production team, being the liaison to artists’ tour managers to ensure we delivered a space that provided comfort to each performer and his/her staff.

Every morning before festival gates were opened, we swapped each trailer’s furniture to fit the wants of that day’s headliners, from lighting requests to adding in key pieces that provided a specific vibe.

Premium Lounge Cabanas


Turn an empty, undivided 2nd floor level viewing deck into separate secluded lounges curated for each sponsor.

What We Designed & Delivered

Using draping, hedges, plants, fencing, furniture, and custom lighting, we created individual spaces for clients to walk into and feel like they had a private oasis.

In addition to designing the space, we brought in custom elements like branded pillows and signage for each area to have photo opp moments.



Another year for the books!


Thank you, C3 and partners, for trusting in our vision and our work to be a part of Lollapalooza’s success!

About The Author

Haley Elander

Haley earned her Bachelor of Science (B.S.) majoring in Radio, Television, Film from The University of Texas at Austin. She focused on editing and screenplay while interning at Broken Lizard Industries and The Ellen Degeneres Show.

After college she gained experience as a Project Manager, Marketing Director, and Day to Day Manager in the music industry, working with international touring bands at Triple 8 Management. Before joining Panacea she excelled in event production at Roadhouse Live, Luck Reunion, and Texas Monthly. When she isn’t making events come to life, she is a Trip Leader hosting international group travel at Legit Trips, or catching her favorite bands at Stubb’s.