Let’s Travel Due East to Morocco

Texas Meets Morocco. A spotlight on our partnership with Due East.

Arabian nights

Like Arabian days

More often than not are hotter than hot

In a lot of good ways

Arabian nights

Like Arabian dreams

This mystical land of magic and sand

Is more than it seems

If you travel Due East from the state of Texas along the 31° N latitude line, you’ll hit Morocco. Morocco, like Agrabah, is a land of mystery and magic. Just one of the many reasons why we love our partnership with Austin company Due East. We are able to bring the enchantment of the Middle East into your home or party with this collection of rug rentals for events. So, maybe our carpets don’t fly but they sure will brighten up any lounge and have your guests transported into a far away land.

At Due East, each piece is sourced ethically in Morocco and celebrates the talents and traditions of local artisans.


This Pomegranate rug’s rich color is the perfect complement to any event lounge. We paired it here with our Lana sofa to bring in fun and romance with these rich jewel tones.

Bardot Chair, White Butterfly Leather Chair, Gold Leather Pouf, Brass Hairpin Cocktail Table


A true bohemian is unconventional in an artistic way. Gathering your friends to sit, gather and get creative is one of our favorite past times. This setup with low farmhouse tables, floor seats, poufs, and pillows truly inspires a natural yet welcoming dinner for any guest.

Tuleta Rug, Kasbah Rug, Gray Fur Pillow, Ivory Crochet Pillow, Mustard Hand Loomed Pillow


Rich colors, silky pillows. Need we say more?


A gathering of friends so beautiful and bright. Cozy vignettes know how to bring people together, and colorful rugs make any space complete.

Marfa Cocktail Table, Flokati Chair, Red Marrakesh Pouf, Medina Rug


This nomad rug won’t have you wandering for long. Even though not all who wander are lost, you’ll be sure to find yourself seated here for an extended stay.

Marfa Cocktail Table, Flokati Chair, Jarvis Sette, Salmon Orange Pouf, Boho Pillow


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For more information on these unique rug rentals for events, fill out this form and we’ll be in touch. Or to own one of these amazing rugs for your home, hop on over to Due East.

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