How to Host an Awesome Panel Discussion

Are you hosting an upcoming panel or roundtable discussion? We’ve had the opportunity to design some eye-catching stage setups, from LBJ Library’s talks on race in America, to a panel on clean beauty with Guaranteed to Wrinkle, to SXSW visions on music for the future. The key is to create a space that reflects the overall tone of your topic, and allows your guests to fully engage in the conversation.

Read on for a few of our tips for creating an awesome panel discussion.




Once you’ve got your topic and panelists locked down, it’s important to make sure that the featured panelists that are up on stage feel comfortable and can be fully present in the conversation. Keep the talent in mind when selecting furniture rentals for your event. For instance, you may need some height if there isn’t a stage, and stools are a great option. However, stools can be awkward for women wearing skirts. Side tables or coffee tables are recommended so panelists have a place to set water. If your event is being filmed, shiny surfaces such as glass will reflect the lights.

Also consider your audience. Provide a comfortable area so that they can fully immerse themselves in the discussion. We recommend a mix of options from soft seating to bar tables to make sure there is something for everyone. Creating a variety of seating allows guests to engage with one another in a way that simple rows of chairs just won’t facilitate.




Hopefully your panel will be so engaging and well attended, you will reap the benefits of attendees posting and sharing across social media! Or even better, a plug in a popular news outlet. You’ll want to make sure that the stage looks great on camera.

Need help creating a decorative backdrop or showcasing your brand on stage? We’ve got ya covered. Creating a beautiful backdrop will make a huge difference in the quality of your photos and help you market the event in future materials.




Looking for interesting ways to display your event partners? The days of logos slapped on a banner are gone. Instead, think of creating a show-stopping photo moment. This unique set up makes your sponsors feel like a true partner in your event and easily postable for others to learn more.




The small details are key to making a lasting impression with your guests. Whether it’s incorporating brand colors in subtle ways, keeping things eco-friendly, putting together a themed decor package, or placing our one-of-a -kind furniture pieces, these touches keep your event truly special. Your guests will walk away feeling that you have thought of everything.



Our mission is simple: we create inspiring experiences. With our unique design aesthetic, curated event furniture rental collection, and decades of resources and relationships, we’ve helped countless organizations translate their ideas and spaces into engaging 3-D environments. Our atmospheres set the mood to help our clients showcase products and ideas, celebrate customers, activate event sponsorships, and spark conversations.

If you are hosting a panel, summit, or conference soon, we’d love to help. Contact Panacea Collective for event services including event strategy, event production, event management, event design, event furniture rental, custom fabrication projects, and more. Reach out to us here and let’s get this party started!