Diversity , Equity and Inclusion

Y’all Means All

Just as the events and spaces that we design and fill with our immense, diverse, and vibrant creativity so are the people that work at Panacea Collective.

We are a fun group of experiential marketers and production artists who enjoy creating expansive temporary boutique areas and events that incorporate all that we and Austin, TX have to offer.

Like our city, which is a diverse, equitable and inclusive place that people love to flock to and call home, so is Panacea Collective.

You will see this in everything that we do, and everything that we plan. DE&I initiatives are not something that we simply feel the need to be in compliance with, rather it is something that we truly believe in and stand by. It is not a box to tick, it is a guiding light for all at Panacea Collective.

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is unwavering and embedded in everything we do.

Concepts, gender, race and sexuality will never be discriminated against at Panacea Collective. We are a safe place to work for and for planning your event.

We firmly believe that inspiration is all around us, comes in many forms, and only takes inspired minds to recognize it. High end hospitality and visually stunning event production should reflect not only the creative vision of the hosts, but also the talented people, behind the scenes, who execute on that vision.

Embracing DE&I initiatives helps us achieve that.

The only way to ensure we produce and furbish events that are the hottest ticket in town is through the staff that we have who enjoy a work environment grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusive principles.

At our core, we know that the only way we can deliver for our clients and provide all the bespoke touches we are famous for is by maintaining a workplace that can create them with a flourish.


Panacea Collective – We produce and decorate the best event experiences because of the diverse creativity of the people we employ.