Design by Sign: Decorate a Space for a Libra

Perfecting the atmosphere inside your home or at an event you’re hosting can be challenging, especially if you can’t define a theme or have design skills. Luckily, you can draw on your astrological sign for guidance.

Libras, as we come into September, it’s your turn to celebrate life!

You love beauty and femininity, but you strive for balance in all things. Therefore, pieces have to be as strong and practical as they are fluffy and frilly.

Below we provide simple guidelines for creating a comfortable space with versatile furniture rentals for events that align with your sign. A great inspiration for your upcoming birthday or your next event!

Air Sign Essentials

Breezy air surrounds those who are graced by the sign of Libra. You can align yourself with your elemental needs by bringing in fresh, open pieces of furniture and accessories.

When you’re setting up the flow within your space, think about how to keep it graceful and fluid. Seats with sinuous curves and delicate designs, such as the Birdcage Chair or Bardot Chair, work well for Libras. Balance them out with a splendidly undulating sofa, such as the McCartney Settee.

White tones can also deliver a buoyant, cloud-like atmosphere. In white patent leather, the Monroe Settee is perfectly feminine, but the silver nailhead trim delivers a dose of machismo.

Consider using clear side tables for maintaining the flow while adding much needed surfaces. Choose some with glass tops or reflective surfaces. You can also go for sculptural appeal with a style such as the Silver Circle Side Table.


Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off our Unique Personality

Although Libras tend to be poised and refined, they’re trailblazers whose idea of a comfort zone is doing what no one else is doing. But Libras aren’t exactly bizarre; they’re simply eclectic and eccentric. This is ideal when it comes to interior design because you can complement your persona using a variety of pieces.

To match this persona, consider including some creative flair in your environment. This may come in the form of an unusual pop of color (like our Teal Day Beds or Whitney Sofa) or unconventional tassel garland strung along an accent wall. The sophistication of the pieces that you choose will help bring them together even if they seem to be drawn from various ends of an incredibly wide spectrum.


The Seventh Sign of The Zodiac

Because Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, you might be able to impose limits on your mental wandering by choosing seven pieces that will make a statement. The birthstones of September and October are sapphire, opal, and tourmaline, therefore, go for hues in tones of royal blues and whites to communicate your airy nature and maintain an understated style. To design space for a Libra, let your authenticity shine through.


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