Corporate Event Planning & Production Services in Austin, TX

Panacea Collective is skilled at creating uniquely unforgettable experiences for corporate events, from trade shows to awards ceremonies and more. With a combined 50 years of event production, Panacea Collective is skilled at crafting your events to ensure your audience is enthralled, informed, and comfortable. They will leave the venue with a sparkling impression of your organization.

Purpose of Planning Corporate Events

Corporate events are often orchestrated to convey business strategy, alter company behavior, introduce a new product or service, encourage, teach, and reward employees, or influence consumers’ attitudes and actions.

These often unite the company’s workforce, boost broader marketing or sales efforts, reward outstanding teamwork, or amuse top executives.

We use our extensive warehouse of distinctive and gorgeous furniture, textiles, and accessories to design a perfectly enthralling experience for your corporate event, big or small. We work with you to achieve every objective during your corporate event, whether you want to unite your employees behind a common goal or entice investors to make your organization part of their portfolio.

Our Corporate Event Planning and Management Services

Venue Consultation for Corporate Events

Use our years of expertise in the Austin area and surrounding cities to find the perfect location for your corporate event, whether simple or large-scale.

Corporate Events Venue Sourcing

The event’s goals may also play a role in deciding its location. For an event to create a lasting impression on essential guests, such as current or potential customers, the venue must do its bit and provide an unforgettable spectacle. We make that happen for you.

Virtual Event Production

With the flawless organization of logistics and staging, we take your corporate event from “I’m not a cat” to Ted Talk quality.

Corporate Event Catering Services

Everyone’s been to a work event with lackluster catering that drags down the event. Using our local connections, we ensure a delightful menu for even your most discerning clients.

Rental Furniture for Corporate Events

Take advantage of our extensive catalog of chairs, tables, decorations, and more to set the stage – and everywhere else – at your corporate event.

Corporate Event Venue Design and Decoration

Is interior design not your forte? No problem. We have the skill and the furniture to adorn your venue perfectly.

Corporate Event Space Planning

We ensure nobody is standing around waiting for the doors to open. From the cocktail hour to the final statements, we envelop your attendees in excitement and comfort from start to finish.

3D Rendering Services for Corporate Events

Panacea’s expert team can envision your event in a flawless 3D render, so you know what every corner of your space will look like.

Luxury Entertainment Services for Corporate Events

Some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry are on our speed dial thanks to our years of organizing events in the Austin area.

Corporate Events Budget Planning & Management

We can ensure your event stays within budget and on schedule.

Staging, Lighting, AV, and other Technical Directions

We have the staff and expertise to ensure every aspect of your event is perfectly lit and that there are no technical hiccups.

Corporate Events Accommodations and Guest Services

We make your guests feel pampered and splurged with our partner hotels and vendors.

Corporate Events Venue Permits

We will handle all the permits and permissions you need to stage the ideal event.

Corporate Events Vendor Management

We have excellent, long-lasting relationships with dozens of vendors in the Austin area.

Types of Corporate Events Our Event Planners Can Help With

  • Corporate Meetings
    Share information with stakeholders or employees, unite your staff or delight your C-suite.
  • Trade Shows
    Inform fellow businesses of your products and services, and stand out in the crowded conference center.
  • Annual Functions
    Make your annual meeting go from boring to brilliant
  • Virtual Corporate Events
    Staging and AV by Panacea Collective will make your corporate event go off without a hitch.
  • Networking Events
    Create the environment for connections at your next networking event
  • Team Building Events
    Solidify your staff’s bonds with fun and challenging team building in a comfortable environment.
  • Fundraising Development, Solicitation, and Support
    Assure your donors that you’ll spend their money wisely and treat them to a tasteful event
  • Seminars
    Communicate clearly to everyone who attends
  • Holiday party/gala
    Surprise and delight your guests with a festive holiday event
  • Product Launch
    Give your latest product the party it deserves. Create the appropriate level of buzz!

Why Hire Us as Your Preferred Corporate Events Planner?

  • Experience
    With a combined 50 years of experience in the events industry, we have what it takes to create the absolutely perfect event for you.
  • Flexibility
    Whether you need to change venues or barstools, you can be sure we will be beside you to ensure you get exactly what you need.
  • Creative and Innovative
    Our founders have created and collaborated with some of the most significant projects and businesses you’ve definitely heard of. We know how to make every event stand out.
  • Coordination
    Our team is skilled at making events run perfectly from start to finish.
  • Tech Savvy
    Whether you need to live stream or conduct a teleconference with people worldwide, we can make it happen.
  • We Love Parties
    There’s nothing we love more than building an event that lets people have fun!

FAQ’s on Corporate Event Planning Services

One of a corporate event planner's many responsibilities is organizing company gatherings. They are responsible for meeting with customers to determine their requirements, planning the event, working with contractors, coordinating with event employees, and overseeing the event to guarantee smooth running.
First, we find out your goals, then we build everything from the guest list to the budget based on those goals.
The goal is to make sure that everyone has a good time. This could be as easy as making sure the event is easy to get to or making sure there are food options for people with special diets. Also, think about the mood you want to create. What do you hope people will get out of your event? Start with the time you have to plan the event and start filling in the blanks from there.
The "cost plus" technique is how most event planners determine their service costs (the client's final bill). They charge their customers anything from 10% to 20% of the overall cost of the event as their fee for outsourcing the labor, equipment, and materials needed to pull off the event.
The cost of a corporate event will vary based on its guest list, size, complexity, and many more issues. If you need help creating a budget for your event, that is something we can do.
We recommend starting on your event 12-18 months in advance for best results.
Many factors influence the cost of a corporate event. For a team-building event for ten people, the low-end cost is expected to be about $3,500.

Hire a Trusted Corporate Event Planner Near You in Austin, TX

Take the stress out of organizing an event, whether it’s for 10 or 10,000 people. We’ve had a hand in everything from Austin City Limits to corporate awards ceremonies. Rest assured, our experience and skill will enable us to handle your event without breaking a sweat.

When you hire Panacea Collective for your corporate event, you know you’re going to get care, professionalism, and perfection every step of the way. We’re just a click away if you’re ready to get started!

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