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Perfect Holiday Party Supply Rentals In Austin

Gather With Family, Forget The Stress

The holidays are approaching. Although it is exciting to hopefully bring friends and family together safely, does the thought of one more thing to plan have you beginning to stress? Call on us and let us be your holiday party "panacea", your cure-all for all your event planning needs. We will set you up with the best party supply rentals, style your table, bring the floral, and take the reins on all the nitty-gritty details of your event. Continue reading below to learn all that the Thanksgiving Party Pack can bring to your home, and call the Panacea Collective today to start planning your ultimate family experience!


The Panacea Collective takes the stress out of Thanksgiving planning:

  • Our event planners have decades of experience curating events of all sizes

  • We’ve got the largest in-house collection of furniture, event accessories, design and decor

  • Customize your Party Pack to make your dinner even more unique!

  • Our team can produce custom decor and fabrications

  • We’ve got connections to the biggest names in entertainment

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Austin’s Best Party Supply Rentals

Our Thanksgiving Party Pack comes with everything you need to gather with family! Every one of our party supply rental packs can be customized to include everything you need for a memorable holiday, including:

Seating Package

  • Farmhouse Table, $75 each

  • Industrial Metal Chairs with sheepskin throws, $39 each

  • Fall Vignette, sofa, rug, two chairs, cocktail table, pillows, est. $700

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Table Manners

  • Our partner, Table Manners, was founded to bring something new to the party design and decor industry. Austin’s event scene is evolving along with the city, and Table Manners is the latest innovator on the scene. Their designs are fun, funky, and exciting — just like your party should be!

  • Set your table with unique, modern design and decor to make your Thanksgiving celebration stand out from the rest.

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Decor & Accessories

  • Our Gypsy Floral Centerpieces make a stunning addition to any table, and they start at only $115! There is a $300 minimum for delivery.

  • We’ve got you covered for anything you may need, including lanterns, votives, tree trunk risers, vases or trays.

Don’t let the turkey Tryptophan drowsiness get you down. Let our Panacea party package brighten and energize your dinner gathering! Fill out the order form below or email to complete your order today!

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