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Tailgate Party Pack

Let's get that W!

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Furniture available for upgrades.

Colored Bar Stools $15/each

Rustic Round High Tops $36/each

Umbrellas $80/each

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Parkside Pizza Oven

$40/per couple

Assorted Meat & Cheese Boards and House Made Focaccia, Antipasta, Pizza, & Dessert Duo

There is a $1500 minimum, includes 2 hours of service time. Additional pricing available for parties larger than 50 guests and/or add tional service time.

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TV Monitors, Speakers or Uplighting starting at $300

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Gypsy Floral Centerpiece Starting at $115

Minimum $300 for Delivery

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Alpha Lit Marquee Light Up Hook 'Em Letters Starting at $300

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Austin Beer Works - Beer To Go

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Under the advice of Governor Abbott, we are following all health and safety guidelines to ensure a clean and no contact delivery. We will also meet with clients at a safe distance by appointment. To encourage safe practices, we require that our delivery team will be masked and items will be disinfected.