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Graduating is an accomplishment, and it’s time to celebrate it! Don’t let safety measures stop your from lettin’ loose a little bit — at the Panacea Collective, we’ve created Celebration Party Packs to bring all the supplies you need for a good time right to your home. The Graduation Party Pack comes with all the food, drink, decor, and accessories you need to celebrate safely at home. Learn more about the Graduation Party Pack below, and call the Panacea Collective today and let us outfit your party right!


The Panacea Collective is your go-to source for all of your party supply rental needs:

  • Our massive in-house collection of seating, decor, and accessories has something for every taste and theme

  • Customize our Celebration Packs to fit the needs of your event
  • Our event production team can fabricate existing furniture and accessories and produce custom set pieces
  • Choose our turnkey event production services for hassle-free event planning

Celebrate The Next Step With The Best Party Supply Rentals In Austin

The Graduation Party Pack from the Panacea Collective makes planning your special day even easier. Each pack can be customized, and includes:

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Food & Drink

  • Treat your guests to mouthwatering BBQ from one of Austin’s finest caterers! Lambert’s BBQ Baskets include enough food to feed two people and are just $50 per couple. Each BBQ basket includes cornbread, deviled eggs, brisket, pork ribs, mac & cheese, jicama slaw, ranch-style beans, and coconut cream pies.

Decor & Accessories

  • Our Gypsy Floral Centerpieces are the perfect bright, colorful decor to make your graduation party pop! They start at only $115, though you must order a minimum of three for delivery.
  • We offer special graduation-themed balloon garland decorations from Balloon N Smiles! Each garland package includes 14-5 feet of garland, and it starts at only $220!
  • Announce your accomplishment loud and proud with light-up marquee letters from Alpha Lit! They start at just $160.
  • We offer special graduation Gift Boxes for just $75! Call the Panacea Collective for more details.

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