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There’s no one on Earth quite like you. No one has experienced life quite the same way, felt the same things, and gravitated to the same friends and opportunities that you have. Isn’t that worth celebrating? We think so! At The Panacea Collective, we’ve created a variety of celebration party supply rental packs to equip you with all the tools you need to throw an exciting yet safe party for you and your loved ones to enjoy! The Drive-By Birthday Party Pack features chic seating and decor to craft an inviting party space, and we offer a multitude of special food, drink, and accessory options you can add on to push your party to 11. Continue reading below to learn about all the Drive-By Birthday Party Pack can offer to make your dream birthday party a reality. Call The Panacea Collective today to start planning your own special birthday party!

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The Panacea Collective has everything you need to celebrate YOU:

  • Our event planners have decades of experience helping people throw unique, exciting parties

  • Browse our massive in-house collection of furniture, decor, and event accessories to craft a unique aesthetic

  • Customize and add on to your Celebration Pack to create a one-of-a-kind event

  • Our team can produce custom set pieces and fabrications for you

  • Enjoy stress-free partying with our turnkey event production services

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Austin’s Best Birthday Party Supply Rentals

Our Drive-By Birthday Party Pack comes with everything you need to celebrate your special qualities, including:

Seating Package

  • One Chaumont chair

  • One Coles bar cart

  • One decorative rug and side table

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  • Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 3.49.15 PM.png
  • Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 3.50.07 PM.png
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Food & Drink

  • Liven up your party with a cupcake decorating station from The Cupcake Bar! Each station comes with cupcakes and topping supplies for six cupcakes, and starts at only $30. Yummy!

  • Our Sourced Craft Cocktails Kits include all the ingredients and materials needed to make delicious Jalapeno Margaritas or Strawberry Margaritas! The Jalapeno Margarita Kit is $7.56 per drink and serves 12. The Strawberry Margarita Kit is $5.55 per drink and serves 12.

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  • il_1588xN.1109182277_7rc3.jpg
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Decor & Accessories

  • Add a touch of beauty to the tables at your party with fiesta centerpieces from Gypsy Floral, starting at just $115! You could also enjoy unique, pretty headwear with a Flower Crown Bar, which starts at only $500.

  • Decorate your party with 14-15 feet of brilliant balloon garland. Our Balloons N Smiles package starts at only $220!

  • Light up your party with our Alpha Lit Light-Up Marquee Letters! These fun letters add brightness and warmth to any party. Spell out your name for just $50 per letter!

You work hard at everything you do — it’s time you took a moment to celebrate you! Equip yourself with everything you need to enjoy a fun celebration with family and friends. Fill out the order form below or email to complete your order today!

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