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No need to dust off the grill, we will bring the BBQ to you!

There are fewer summer traditions loved more than the classic backyard barbecue. Let us bring all the fun of a barbecue to you! At the Panacea Collective, we offer a variety of celebration party rental packs to give you all the decor and supplies you need to throw the perfect summer barbecue. The BBQ Party Pack comes complete with food, drink, and chic seating for all your guests, with special decor and drink add-ons available to put your event over the top. Continue reading below to learn all that the BBQ Party Pack can bring to your backyard, and call the Panacea Collective today to start planning your perfect summer party!

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The Panacea Collective is your perfect source for all the party rentals you could need:

  • Our event planning team has decades of experience throwing parties of all types and sizes

  • We maintain a huge in-house collection of furniture, decor, and event accessories

  • All of our Celebration Packs can be upgraded to make your party even more unique and memorable

  • We can produce custom set pieces and fabrications in-house

  • Our turnkey event production services are perfect for hassle-free parties and events

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Austin’s Finest Summer Party Supply Rentals

Our BBQ Party Pack offers everything you need for the ultimate summer barbecue! Each party rental pack can be mixed and matched to include anything and everything you could need for your barbecue, including:

Seating Package

  • One 96” x 40” wooden base farm table

  • Eight comfortable industrial-style metal chairs

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Food & Drink

  • Lambert’s BBQ Basket is $50 per couple and includes your mouth-watering summer barbecue favorites: cornbread, deviled eggs, brisket, pork ribs, mac & cheese, jicama coleslaw, Ranch-style beans, and coconut cream pie. Yum!

  • Our Sourced Craft Cocktails Kits include all the ingredients and materials needed to make black cherry Old Fashioned cocktails. Each kit serves 12 and is approximately $8.22/drink. Refreshing!

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Decor & Accessories

  • Our Gypsy Floral Centerpieces are an elegant addition to any table, and they start at just $115, though you must order a minimum of three for delivery.

  • Our Balloon N Smiles package includes 14-15 feet of decorative balloon garland, and starts at only $220!

  • Brighten up your BBQ with our Alpha Lit Light-Up Marquee Letters! These brilliant letters add a splash of light and expression to any party and start at just $150.

  • We also offer TV monitors, speakers, and uplighting, starting at $300!

So what are you waiting for? Equip your yard with everything you need for a fun-filled summer barbecue today! Fill out the order form above or email to complete your order today.

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