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Backyard Picnic Party Pack

A picnic is a meal taken outdoors (al fresco) as part of an excursion – ideally in scenic surroundings, such as a park, lakeside, or other place affording an interesting view. How idyllic!

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Furniture available for upgrades.

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Balloons N Smiles 14-15 Ft. Balloon Garland Starting at $220

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Gypsy Floral Fiesta Centerpiece Starting at $115

Minimum $300 for Delivery

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Sourced Craft Cocktail Kits

Bramblin' Man $ 6.58 / DRINK (Serves 12)

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Austin Oyster Co.

24 Oysters - $120 - 45 Minutes of Service with Shuck Boys

Two dozen shucked oysters all sides included. East Coast partner farms.

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