Security and Staffing

Security and Staffing Solution for Events

In event planning, a lot of thought goes into theme selection, venue sourcing, entertainment, food and beverage. But how many times has event security and staffing service taken the front seat in your planning? When you host an event, you need trained staff for its logistical management and reliable security for when certain things get out of hand. Be it a car show, an office party, a church event, multi-day festivals, or just about anything, The Panacea Collective has the expertise to provide experienced event staff and premier security services to maintain crowd control without affecting the festivities.

Event Security & Staffing Services We Offer in Texas

The Panacea Collective offers a wide range of custom event staffing and security services. We handle scheduling, briefing, and deployment of our staff team according to your requirements. Our personnel is well-trained in meeting challenges as and when they arise. Not only do we provide a diverse and experienced workforce but also ensure that they are equipped with the latest technologies in communication devices. Some of the types of event staffing and security services we offer include:
  • Gate services
  • Ushers
  • Ticket takers
  • Parking/traffic control
  • 24-hour patrol
  • Bag/ID/Credential check
  • Crowd control
  • Hospitality personnel
  • Armed/unarmed security
  • Floor management
  • Event hosts
  • Venue preparation staff
  • Staff for operating cash registers

How Do We Help With Event Security and Staffing Services?

The comfort and safety of your guests are our top priority. So we make it our business to ensure that they are attended to as and how they need. To be able to do this, we hire, train, and manage event staff ranging from world-class security to top-tier brand ambassadors, catering teams, and volunteers. We carefully select and build the best teams, on-boarding every member with the event goals and communicating their value to the team. Our staffing and management style translates to top-notch hospitality for your guests and loyal relationships with our valued staffing partners.

Types of Events We Cover

What makes us one of the leading event security and staffing companies in Texas is our expansive portfolio of well-executed events. Some of the events we cover include:

  • Conventions and trade shows
  • Reunions
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Seminars
  • VIP experiences
  • Networking sessions
  • Themed parties
  • Summits
  • Auctions

Event Staffing and Security Company in Austin, TX

At The Panacea Collective, we always work with your budget to meet your requirements optimally. We assess event security risks, conduct thorough background checks of staff, provide extensive briefing, and provide you with regular activity reports to ensure that everything works out as planned. If you are unsure about the staffing and services your event needs, we also provide consultations. Give us a call at 512-838-6500 and let’s get started. Apart from staffing and security, you can also call us for help with event ideation and branding, budget management, event design, etc.

FAQs on Event Security and Staffing

Some simple yet effective ways to keep guests safe at an event include ID checks, creating security checkpoints, screening staff, assessing risk and creating emergency plans, having a crowd management process in place, keeping your security measures visible, preparing for unpredictable weather, keeping medical assistance available, etc.
Generally speaking, the ideal ratio of guest to security guard is 100:1. However, this can vary depending on the event type.
Responsibilities of event staff include preparing the venue, attending to guests’ needs, serving food and beverages, working as ushers, checking IDs or names against registration, etc.