Pillows & Throws Rentals for Events and Parties

No matter what the design aesthetic or event theme, all the design inspo pictures you see have one thing in common: pillows and throws. As small as they may seem, these add a touch of luxury that can pull together all the elements of your party’s decor. They add a touch of softness and comfort that leave your guests marveling in all the best ways.

Whether you want to create distinct spaces within a larger space, give your guests a comfortable spot to relax, or curate an Instagram-worthy selfie space, you can’t go wrong adding touches of softness with rental throws and pillows.

Panacea Collective offers a wide variety of pillows and throws you can rent to round out the decor of your event or party. We offer pillows and throws that mesh with your rustic chic wedding or vibe with your modern roof party. They come in a wide range of colors and styles that will coordinate perfectly with your event.

Rental Pillows & Throws for All Events

No matter what kind of event or party you are hosting, we have the throw pillows you need.

Indoor & Outdoor Parties

No matter where your party is located, we can furnish the right pillows and throws that will make your decor shine. We have pillows and throws that can stand up to the outdoor elements while still being comfortable and stylish. If you are hosting an indoor party, you can find the perfect final touch in our extensive selection.

Social Events

Make your next party Instagram-worthy with piles of pillows and throws where your guests can lounge. Use them to fill out your party lounge with a pop of color or add visual interest to a selfie-corner. The possibilities are endless.


Whether you’re throwing a black-tie, evening wedding or an afternoon backyard affair, we have pillows and throws that will coordinate with your decor. Your guests will appreciate that touch of comfort as they take a break from the dance floor!

Corporate Events

Make your next corporate event one to remember by surrounding your employees with a comfortable, luxurious environment. They will appreciate the extra care and thought put into the decor!

Our Pillows & Throws Collections

If you’re searching for design inspiration or are ready to make a decision, check out our extensive inventory of pillows and throws available to rent for your next event or party. We have everything from boho chic woven designs to solid color silks, faux-fur blankets to serape throws.

Why Panacea for Rental Pillows & Throws in Texas?

Party planning and design are in the DNA of Panacea Collective. We pride ourselves on being able to create unique, emotional spaces that align with the aesthetic and vibe of your event. When it comes to finding a Texas-based rental partner for all elements of your design, including pillows and throws, there are many reasons to choose Panacea Collective.

  • Our expert team becomes your expert team.

    You can rely on us to help you create an event that’s Instagram-worthy from start to finish.

  • We are amazing communicators.

    In fact, you won’t lose touch with us throughout the event planning process.

  • Our extensive rental collection is at your disposal.

    We love the design and have spent many hours curating the perfect collection of rental pillows and throws that will take any event to the next level.

  • We are as budget-conscious as you are.

    No matter what size your budget is, we can help you find a pillow and throw rentals that keep your event on or under budget.

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Pillows & Throws Rentals Near You in Austin, TX

When you’re ready to see how small details like pillows and throws can make your event truly shine, give us a call. We’re excited to meet you and show you all the ways that decorative pillows and throws can help create the Instagram-able, comfort-filled event that will have your guests talking for weeks and months to come.

Ready to get started planning? We’re excited to hear from you! Call us at (512) 838-6500.