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Fun Stuff Rentals for Events and Parties

Panacea Collective isn’t your run-of-the-mill party rental company. We don’t do tacky, over-the-top, or cliched. We offer fun stuff rentals with only the best retro-inspired and authentic pieces that will be sure to not only get your party started but linger in the memories of your guests for many years to come.

Regarding fun party rentals for adults, especially weddings and vv parties Panacea Collective is no.1 in the Austin, TX area.

We have everything from beach-themed push carts, large bathtubs, bright neon lights, shiny disco balls, mesmerizing tapestries, unique glassware, candle holders, vases, and lanterns. We even have comfy hammocks and tents for hire. When we talk about fun party rentals – we mean it! Of course, we also have everything else you’ll need for guests like platters, card holders, number stands, and a stuffed decorative armadillo. His name is Fast Eddy. But don’t worry, he’s not going anywhere.

Think of us as the cool party guest that everyone is intrigued by, wants to get to know, and gets their photo taken with before the night is done.

Chic. Cool. Different. Vintage inspired. Old world cool. ‘Gram worthy. Whichever way you want to describe us, just know that Panacea Collective has all the fun things to rent for parties and will make your next party look amazing when it happens and stay that way in photos for many years to come.

All About Fun Party Rentals

When folks attend a party, they expect to have a good time, but the hosts can only do so much. That’s where Panacea Collective comes in to save the day. We literally have anything your guests could need or enjoy so any party will be remembered forever. Panacea Collective is specially equipped with fun party rentals for adults.

We have one of the largest inventories of distinctive rentals you are likely to find. We have helped hundreds of folks pull off some of the most amazing parties right here in Austin, and they’ve loved taking photos with our stuff!

If you’re looking for entertaining, vintage-inspired party rentals in your area, your search ends with Panacea Collective. Fun and quirky times are what we create!

Don’t worry about purchasing equipment and other items for your next one-off event. Let us take care of it! Browse through our categories to find loads of eye-catching fun stuff items that will be sure to make guests’ eyes light up when they walk through the doors. They will be sure to pique their curiosity.

Party rentals from Panacea Collective are the perfect solution if you require something distinctive and memorable for an upcoming event. If you are feeling stressed about timelines and making the right arrangements or don’t know quite where to start, then it’s time to sit back and relax, because we’re here to help ensure your party goes off without a hitch! We even have themed packages to make planning easier.

We select our rental items based on current trends and what will make events truly memorable. Guests will love the backdrops we can create for their social media posts. So, trust us when we say they will be “selfie-worthy”.

Let Panacea Collective take care of it!

Rental Fun Stuff for All Events


Your wedding day is a celebration of you and your partner, so why not make it iconic with some truly memorable décor? Panacea has all the fun party rentals for weddings you could think of for your big day.

We have disco balls for your first dance, hurricane vases for table decoration, and Moroccan trays that are ideal for canapes and appetizers for guests,

Indoor & Outdoor Parties

Who doesn’t love a party? Whether it’s inside or out, we’ve got the décor and arrangements you need to make them go off without any hitches.
We’ve got you covered, no matter what your party’s theme is.
Outdoor party guests will love gathering under one of our umbrellas or huddling in a Boho Bell Tent for a more intimate moment.

Corporate Events

Take the stuffiness out of your corporate events and get attendees to let their hair down with some fun party rentals from Panacea. See what we have instead of the usual boring table number holders and podiums. They will be sure to put a unique twist on your next corporate event!

Social Events

One of the key reasons people attend social events is for the photo opportunities. Panacea has all the fun stuff party rentals to ensure your next social event will be trending on social media. Our wall structures and shimmer walls will look amazing with guests posing in front of them. Or add a shiplap wall to your event for a fun twist on presenting appetizers.

Fun Things to Rent for Parties & Events

Fun stuff party rentals are what Panacea is all about. Don’t believe us? Then there are some highlights:

Our packages will make any party’s theme more authentic. Choose from our Speakeasy, Palm Springs, Glam, 80’s, Plant, or Camp packages for your next party. They’ll be sure to get your guests’ attention.

Partygoers all over Austin have had their photos taken with Esmeralda the Peacock and Fast Eddy the Armadillo because they strike a great pose each time and are very well-behaved at parties.

Do you like a sturdy wooden crate? Then you’re in luck. They’re great for risers or additional seating.

As you’ve likely gathered, we don’t do conventional party rentals. We’re desert chic!

Add a Green Cactus neon light or Pink “Let’s Dance” neon to your event to create a fun vibe.

Your guests will also love getting their pics taken in our large gold frames and grabbing a cold one from a bathtub, pushcart, or beverage tub.

Why Panacea for Rental Party Fun Stuff for Events in Texas?

When it comes to fun party rentals in Texas, Panacea is known for bringing guests the most unique experiences. We are known for adding a unique twist to events, parties, and weddings with our rental options. We don’t do cliched and traditional. We add touches that get guests talking, and their photos trending on social media. Event managers trust us to come up with something different and fun each and every time.

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Fun Party Rentals Near You in Austin, TX

When you need fun things to rent for parties then there’s no better name in the Austin area than Panacea Collective. We bring vintage-inspired design and a cool factor to any event. For fun things to rent for a day, give us a call at (512) 838-6500 or drop us an email at We’d love to show you what we can do for you and ensure your event will be talked about for years to come.