Custom Gift Boxes

A unique collection of branded items to share with your staff, vendors, or sponsorship partners.

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What We Do

Custom gift boxes are a marvelous way to bring folks together when gathering virtually. From cocktail ingredients to share together online, or snacks to enjoy to avoid virtual fatigue, our gifts boxes add that extra delight while being apart.

With over 1,000 boxes sent in 2020 and over $90,000 invested in our local small businesses, we can feel good about bringing a small piece of joy into the homes of your team, clients, or virtual event attendees.

Sourcing Items:

  • Thoughtful curation of items to fit your brand
  • Outreach and wholesale partnerships
  • Focus on unique, custom, and local businesses


  • Custom and secure packaging
  • Small details and wow moments

Pack and Ship:

  • Warehouse receiving and inventory management
  • Manage and mail shipments
  • Intercept correspondence and issues

From smaller envelope mailers to larger multi-box shipments, labor and coordination costs start at only $10 per package. Gift box contents, packaging materials, and shipping costs are additional.

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