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Strategy and Development

event ideation and branding services

Event Ideation and Branding

We work with clients to conceptualize and brand events that people want to attend. We identify goals, research markets, deep-dive into demographics and psychographics, and know user experience like the back of our hands. In our careers we’ve launched and grown massive music festivals, food festivals, annual fundraisers and marketing campaigns.

trend forecasting services

Trend Forecasting

We stay on top of and ahead of the trends by making it a value to be informed. We keep ourselves up to speed on our industry, our clients’ industries, as well as art, architecture, design, music, business, politics and social issues. We pride ourselves on knowing which way the wind will blow, and helping our clients be in the right place at the right time.


Content and Programming

We work with conferences and events of all sizes to program panel discussions, keynote speakers, featured performers and awards ceremonies, packed with compelling content and personalities, and programmed to hit the right emotional and educational cadence. We dovetail content creation and programming with the right mix of photography and video capture, enabling our partners and speakers to amplify the message beyond the event.

event talent

Talent Acquisition

We bring our decades of relationships with talent agents, managers and publicists to secure event talent, and to negotiate contracts on behalf of our clients. From headlining musical talent, to authors, podcasters, CEO’s and world-renowned chefs, we’ve booked the best of the best. We create a truly concierge experience for talent, from travel arrangements to reception to hospitality and post-event thank-yous, we ensure that every aspect of...

Experiential Marketing Services

Experiential Marketing

Our obsession with consumer experience makes us the perfect partner for brands looking to expand their experiential marketing campaigns. Whether we’re conceptualizing and designing a sponsorship activation within a larger event, taking over a store-front for a pop-up, or hosting an intimate experience for tastemakers, we aim to create an unforgettable moment that turns strangers into friends and fans into evangelists. We work closely with our...



event venue transformation

Venue Transformation

We cut our teeth turning public parks into pop-up cities with eight stages, a curated food court, dozens of bars, a non-profit marketplace and an art market. We’ve transformed 10x10 tents into an oasis, dive-bars into corporate headquarters, and empty storefronts into timeless pop-up shops. Our team of architects, designers, fabricators, lighting experts and stylists live for the challenge of transforming a space into something entirely new,...

event design and decor

Event Design and Decor

Event design is an emotional art. We create atmospheres that set a tone, evoke a feeling, and speak to brand values, and campaign theme. We put our imaginations to the test designing unforgettable event landscapes, then put our boots on the ground, bringing those elements to life in 3D. We pull from our incredible in-house collection of furniture and decor, source bizarre and magical things from around the world, and partner with the most...

creative services

Creative Services

From event branding and marketing materials, to wayfinding and vinyl building wraps, we work with clients to assess and execute on all their creative needs. Strategic partnerships with copywriters, content creators, graphic designers, photographers and videographers allow us to streamline creative services into comprehensive brand campaigns, while our clients benefit from our long-term relationships with vendors across printing and premium...

custom fabrication services

Custom Fabrication

Our fabrication services open up a world of possibilities for our clients, and allow us to precisely create transformative environments and custom pieces. We can create custom build-outs for spaces of any size, or design custom branded pieces that can be used across multiple engagements, and tours.

event space planning

Space Planning

Our team of architects, designers and producers are experts in elevating spaces with a planning process that examines every inch of the space, incorporating each event element and ensuring positive flow, top-tier safety, and exceptional guest experience.

rendering services


When you need to see it to believe it, or to sell it up the ranks, our team is happy to deliver photo-realistic renderings, mood boards and CAD drawings to guide you through the event design and experience.

events that wow

Wow Moments

We’re always looking for new and fascinating ways to wow event attendees, and win the hearts of consumers. Whether it’s a super-secret show, an insanely grammable art installation, an innovative interactive moment, or the perfect premium gift, we find the wow moment that serves our clients goals, and sticks in the memories (and social feeds) of our guests.


Production and Logistics


Turnkey Event Production

Our capabilities include every aspect of hands-on production, from load-in to lights out. Our plans are comprehensive, our spreadsheets are intimidating, and our events are flawless.

Technical Direction

Technical Direction

We manage the comprehensive run of show for our events, including staging, lighting, audio-visual and program cadence. From multi-room, multi-stage events with panel discussions, keynote speakers and entertainers, to single-room award presentations, we serve as the maestro, orchestrating every note down to the millisecond.

event budget management

Budget Management

We are experts in budget management and pride ourselves on being responsible financial stewards for our clients. Beyond maintaining the paperwork, we go the extra mile to negotiate for the best rates, and identify budget efficiencies wherever possible.


Accommodations and Guest Services

The Panacea Collective manages a variety of guest services, including arranging hotel blocks, ride-share discounts, guest registration, gifting, hospitality and VIP hospitality. We are experts in creating high-touch, guest-centric experiences, and always looking for innovative ways to upgrade the user-experience without affecting the budget.

event venue sourcing

Venue Sourcing

With a keen eye for spotting potential, we’re experts at sourcing both traditional and non-traditional venues for events, brand activations, pop-up experiences, guerilla marketing moments, and killer parties. We evaluate each space across several lines, from guest travel, to ingress/egress and safety, to capacity, flow, and downright coolness.

event ticketing services


We design and manage the entire ticketing experience, from the invitation through purchase, fulfillment and customer service. We work closely with clients to select the appropriate program and level of technology for their event, based on goals, budget and platform capabilities.

event staffing services

Security and Staffing

We hire, train and manage event staff ranging from world-class security to top-tier brand ambassadors, catering teams, and volunteers. We carefully select and build the best teams, on-boarding every member with the event goals and communicating their value to the team. Our staffing and management style translates to top-notch hospitality for our guests, and loyal relationships with our valued staffing partners.



Whether you’re producing a massive event requiring golf carts and radios, or an intimate celebration, we manage every aspect of operations from the organizational chart, to the micro to-do lists, ensuring a seamless execution of every event and activation.

event permitting


Our experienced production team handles every aspect of permitting, from research to budgeting for fees, to filing, to on-site compliance.


Food and Beverage Management

From concept and menu design, to sourcing the perfect chef, mixologist or catering company, to remaining in legal and health compliance, to leveling-up hospitality for VIP’s, we bring decades of expertise, passion and great taste to food and beverage management.


Relationship Management


Strategic Partnerships

We have decades of experience creating mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with everyone from city stakeholders and CVB’s, to media and brand partners, to allied talent, brands and sponsors. We are known for creating and maintaining long-term relationships and finding unexpected strategies to incorporate partners.


Nonprofit Partnerships

As leaders in the music industry we paved the way for festivals and sponsors to thoughtfully integrate non-profit partners into their events and campaigns. We continue to help brands and non-profits create opportunities to align through common goals, and amplify their message through impeccable marketing and public relations coordination.


Vendor Relations

We put our long term vendor relationships, negotiation prowess and impeccable communication to work when managing vendor relations for our clients. Whether we’re sourcing vendor partners, or managing a process already in play, we take pride in inspiring vendors to deliver their best work, on time and under budget.


Rentals and Staging

Lana Sofa.png

Curated Furniture Collection

After a combined 50 years of settling for uninspired and uncomfortable event furniture, we disrupted the paint-by-numbers rental industry and created our own boutique collection. Our carefully curated furniture collection finds the perfect marriage of form and function, and goes a long way to transform spaces. Whether we’re creating a luxury hospitality area in the middle of a park, transforming a landmark wedding venue into something...