Goals and entertainment from the Panacea Collective team.

Our Zoom meetings aren’t like our regular meetings. Usually we’re huddled in our conference room with two devices per person and more meeting agenda than meeting time. But like everyone else, we’re working from home, largely in sweatpants, fighting the urge to hug our computers because we’re so happy to see each other’s faces. We’re events people, y’all. We want to be TOGETHER!

We also want to be mindful. This is not business as usual, or life as usual. This quarantine, isolation and uncertainty is fertile ground for a freak-out, and the added stress of seeing the thing we do for a living be suddenly and literally banned, has taken a mental and emotional toll on our team and every member of our community.

Still, we count ourselves lucky and grateful. Our meeting agenda isn’t blank. We’ve got stellar fall/winter events to plan and amazing clients to strategize with. And like all small business owners, we’ve got that ubiquitous list of things to learn, try and do “When we have time” which we never do. Until now!

Embracing this shut-down as an opportunity made us think about our #quarantinegoals, both personal and professional, so at our last Zoom huddle we asked our team to share about how they’re making the most of this bizarre moment. What are they throwing themselves into at work, or in their socially-distanced personal lives?

As it turns out, we loved having this moment to connect. And we loved the answers so much, we wanted to share some of them here.

A lot of folks are looking into pivoting our current plan.

  • “I’m connecting with people in similar businesses and seeing what their best practices are and trying to forecast for our company. I’m looking at new ways of doing business and talking with clients about various ways to adjust their events. We are entrepreneurs so we are thinking entrepreneurially about how our business is done, new lines of business that might diversify our income stream and thus our overall business health.” -Autumn Rich
  • “...We are focusing on marketing and sales efforts for when businesses get back up and running. I'd also like to look into updating the company handbook, applying for small business grants, and finally getting that Women-Owned Business Certification completed!” -Lisa Hickey
  • “...I want to sincerely reflect upon if there was anything the company could have done to prepare for a situation like the one we are in now. I am also considering additional streams of revenue to pursue in the future, and what systems are in place that can be improved upon in the present.” -John Carter
  • “...I am actively brainstorming markets that Panacea could break into that are pandemic proof!” -Sam Shipp

Others are taking the space to get creative.

  • “...I've really enjoyed this time to really focus on the nitty gritty of SEO, digital outreach, and overall branding. Bringing in the team to chat through all of our ongoing efforts has been fun! Collaborating and intentional thoughts into the year to come during this calm time will only make us stronger on the other side. Plus everyone's really been pushing that youtube channel....maybe you'll start seeing more of our team behind the scenes soon :)” -Haley Elander
  • “...I am working on optimizing our website's SEO and understanding the in and outs of SEO.” -David Nowlan
  • “The big goal is to stay positive for the events we have in the future! There is something exciting about having the extra time to brainstorm new, fun ideas to make these events and the ones to come even better.” -Amber Pufal
  • “My business goal is to enjoy the space of quarantine and find some inspiration. I'd like to come back with a long list of event inspiration, activation ideas, decor inspiration, etc.” -Lisa Hickey

For entertainment many are finding time to read.

  • “I have a few books that I am looking to finish reading. I usually have 2-3 books that I carry around in my work bag on any given day. My goal is to return to work with a lighter bag and a little smarter than when I left!” -Sam Shipp
  • “I'm obsessed with Glennon Doyle's new book "Untamed".” -Lisa Hickey
  • “Despite all of the craziness floating about, I really want to use this time to get creative, to reach out to old friends, and maybe finish that book I started 2 years ago and now has a wine stain on the cover which might make it look better? Who says you can’t judge a book by its cover?” -Amber Pufal

Others are getting organized, finding new hobbies, staying on schedule, and making time for family and friends.

  • “First off - my dog is incredibly enthused by the concept of self-quarantine, and is getting lots of walks and attention. I’m also trying to make the most of the situation and am planning for a small group of friends to rent kayaks and spend an afternoon cleaning up Town Lake. I think this is a good time to try and inject some good into our collective systems!” -John Carter
  • “We are doing family work outs in the backyard every afternoon. Maybe I'll come back super fit. Working some structure into the day with Lily, so we are baking and cooking, researching new places, practicing writing, and doing swim classes. A regular schedule makes the day go by pretty fast. And wine....” -Lisa Hickey
  • “Hosting my own wine tour for myself inside the home. Did you know you can video call up to 31 people (32 if you include yourself) on Facetime? There is also a Netflix Party extension, that allows you to stream with friends, with a chat window and a play/pause feature so everyone stays in sync. As a very social person, isolation has hit hard, and unfortunately my cat Zombie has been very unfazed with my extended presence in the home.” -Haley Elander
  • “I am keeping myself, somewhat sane, by reorganizing my closet and getting rid of items I do not wear. I am also actively cooking for my instagram cooking channel @cookingupconspiracies and trying to learn how to cook with just the items I have in my pantry and fridge (it's not that easy).” -David Nowlan
  • “Choosing paint for my new house. Watching live music feeds. Listening to podcasts by Brené Brown and others on how to deal with adversity. Taking walks. Meditating. Creating a new vision board. Talking by phone with family and friends. Hanging with Jett who is colleging from home for the remainder of the semester.” -Autumn Rich
  • “I’m doing quick, daily tarot readings @publicservicetarot on Instagram. It’s helping me stay sane and focused on putting some goodness into the world.” -Lindsay Hoffman
  • We may be on lock down, but maybe one of our #quarantinegoals should be to get even more connected, to get to know each other even better. So let’s keep this going! We want to hear about your #quarantinegoals. What are you diving into as you work from home? What are you doing that you never had time for? How are you keeping yourself and your family entertained? Hop on over to Instagram and Facebook to share in the comments, and tag anyone you’d like to join the conversation!

All the best,

Lisa Hickey & Autumn Rich